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Lower Trail

Also interesting is that the catalog still lists single ended alligator type wrenches in 7 sizes from No 1 7. They are not listed in the catalog.. See additional information under the “A” in triangle logo notes. Herbrand Tools Catalog No 37 c.

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The reason for this? Until the last 2 years, I had always thought it likely that the fire was simply the result of an accident. Several newspapers across the country circulated this news brief: Revolvers, iron spikes, and rocks were freely used by both sides. A dozen or more negroes have been arrested and remanded to jail pending an investigation of the difficulty. There is much feeling over the occurrence.

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Crosses and Crucifixes We have St. Helena to thank for our crosses and crucifixes. When the mother of the Emperor Constantine was on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in , she is said to have uncovered the True Cross on which Christ was crucified and sent fragments of it back to Constantinople and Rome. Those not fortunate enough to have access to True Cross reliquaries had to make do with copies of the cross on which Christ died. And so, crosses in various forms came to hold a special place in the devotional life of Christians.

Whatever else might be said about the sad state of disunity in Christendom, it has, certainly, fostered extraordinary diversity in Cross and Crucifixion imagery!

You can see pieces of railroad rail, old structure foundations, old railroad spikes, steel cables, and small pieces of machinery and tools up there. There are also rail lines that led straight down from the top the mountain to the river, and there are sites at the top of the mountain that once had stationary engines to lower the quarry cars.

Antique Railroad Tools Value Guide Railroad tools encompass all sorts of hand tools and accessories used by workers to maintain the buildings, rails, cars, and locomotives that made the railroads run. I include in this category not just traditional tools like hammers or shovels, but also oil cans, pails, supplies for workers, etc. Some images of different tools are shown below, this is not an exhaustive showing and there are other types and objects that do exist.

Values on railroad tools depend on the item and vary significantly. The exception to this are tin cups sometimes known as graniteware because of the beautiful swirls of blue or green usually seen on them. Below are some images of railroad tools: Do you need help finding the value of your antique railroadiana item? We can help with single items or entire collections, and we provide a hassle free service and most of the time we can answer contacts the same day.

In order to help you we will need to see pictures of your item or items so the best way to get started is to email pictures to us at Dale RailroadCollectibles.

Lower Trail

Great trail, great ride! June, by bethahinton So much has been written about this wonderful trail, and our experience was the same. The surface was well cared for, and the friendly maintenance crews were mowing while we were there.

At New Orleans the SP rail lines connected with ships of the Morgan Line, one of America’s oldest shipping concerns, dating from the late ’40s.

Here is some of the correspondence we received from satisfied customers: I’m currently conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. We even have your spike axe in our breach kit. Its been well used and has held up to all kinds of punishment. Thank you for your support. Knowing first hand the quality of your craftsmanship has motivated me to ask you for a custom tomahawk.

BK Just wanted to thank you for a great job on the axe, you captured the design and dimensions perfectly. I love my spike hawk with the curly maple handle. Everyone that has seen it has gone wild over it, including people who don’t really like weapons of this kind. JS Got the tomahawk today. I find the quarter turn of the spike very unique

John Henry (folklore)

These great companies helped build the US as the industrial power it became in the s and s. Over the years there were thousands of railroads and railway lines from large Class I operations with famous passenger and freight routes all the way to smaller interurbans or trolley lines. The sense of exploration, adventure, and nostalgia we get when we think of the railroads joining the east and west of the country into one, of travel as a luxury, of new places and new experiences all these things lead people to collect and enjoy the antiques and artifacts from the railroads.

Railroad spikes are grade A material for crafty metal workers who shape these discarded shards of American history into shiny new tools. Spikes are sometimes collected illegally near defunct rail lines in.

A substructure composed of stone, concrete, brick or timber supporting the end of a single span or the extreme end of a multispan superstructure and, in general, retaining or supporting the approach embankment placed in contact with it. See also Retaining Walls, Wing Wall. A portable power-operated machine designed to adz crossties to provide proper bearing for tie plates. The sand, gravel, broken stone or combinations thereof with which the cementing material is mixed to form a mortar or concrete.

The fine material used to produce mortar for stone and brick masonry and for the mortar component of concrete is commonly termed “fine aggregate” while the coarse material used in concrete only is termed “coarse aggregate. The horizontal location of a railroad as described by curves and tangents. A rail joint bar. A piece of flat iron sharpened on one edge driven into the end of a tie to prevent checking and splitting.

Drive dowels are used by some roads. A device attached to the base of a rail and bearing against a crosstie, to keep the rail from moving longitudinally under traffic. Also called Rail Anchor.

The Joining of a Nation

This spur was first built off of the mainline in By the early s, Flora decided he would run an entirely new logging line up this spur into the woods and make this the new mainline to the woods. In , he obtained funding from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to build several huge trestles that would allow him to build a mainline with 3 percent or less grade to reach the new main logging camp at Neverstill.

When the logging spur was first constructed in , it only went several miles.

When Steve Schlecht, owner of Duluth Trading, visited Keller’s home in in search of sculptures, he was treated to a peek at Keller’s tool collection — including an alligator wrench, railroad spike .

The historical accuracy of many of the aspects of the John Henry legend are subject to debate. Big Bend Tunnel[ edit ] Guy B. The tunnel was built near Talcott, West Virginia , from to according to Johnson’s dating , and named for the big bend in the Greenbrier River nearby. Although most of these men had heard of but not seen the famous contest between John Henry and the steam drill, Johnson ultimately was able to find a man who said he had seen it.

This man, known as Neal Miller, told me in plain words how he had come to the tunnel with his father at 17, how he carried water and drills for the steel drivers, how he saw John Henry every day, and, finally, all about the contest between John Henry and the steam drill. Miller, “John Henry wanted to drive against it.

He took a lot of pride in his work and he hated to see a machine take the work of men like him. The test went on all day and part of the next day. He wouldn’t rest enough, and he overdid. He took sick and died soon after that. Miller described the steam drill in detail. I made a sketch of it and later when I looked up pictures of the early steam drills, I found his description correct.

I asked people about Mr. Miller’s reputation, and they all said, “If Neal Miller said anything happened, it happened.

Rose-headed nail from The Curse of Oak Island: What could its significance be?

Complete Listing Now Boarding at the Station. From our immaculately restored, iconic engines and rolling stock to rotating exhibits carefully curated to illuminate life along the historic California railways, our exhibits are sure to enthrall both the most avid rail enthusiasts and first time visitors alike. Current Exhibits Without Words This interactive new exhibit focuses on the various non-verbal communication tools used by the railroad — and the science behind them — that allowed for railroad technicians to communicate at night, across distances and during challenging weather conditions such as heavy rain, dense fog and snow.

Trains magazine offers railroad news, railroad industry insight, commentary on today’s freight railroads, passenger service (Amtrak), locomotive technology, railroad preservation and history, railfan opportunities (tourist railroads, fan trips), and great railroad photography.

These specific examples were unearthed at excavations of a Roman settlement near Galilee. Ex-Italian collection, acquired in the ‘s. Ancient Roman iron “Crucifixion spike” dating from the 1st-2nd century AD. A nice and very long example, well preserved! A nice and large piece, well preserved for iron! Slightly rounded head, bend in shaft from use!

5/8″ Railroad Spikes

August 1st, This story has been updated since its original publication date A factory in China that manufactures model trains has closed, leaving some U. None of the companies said what products will be delayed. Other manufacturers, including Trainworx and ExactRail, also are affected.

The Cattle Car Has Landed! The partially restored Santa Fe cattle car is set in place on the depot display track on January 17, The train display at Bartlesville’s downtown depot has been expanded with the January arrival of a cattle car dating from the s.

The board and batten house is the first house built in Raymond and was the homestead for Charles Miller, the first agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Company dating from Spring of The Raymond Museum houses the original bench and sign from the rail station and the original Post Office window and boxes. Pieces of the original rails, spikes and railroad locks are also on display. The museum has many photos of Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to Raymond in , Raymond’s many hotels and businesses dating from the s, everyday life photos from the late s into the s, and many other photos from the area.

The Raymond Knowles Granite Quarry is well represented in the museum with many photographs and samples of “Sierra White”, the granite used in many of the finest buildings in California. Step back in time in the homestead kitchen and see the cream separator, the many bottles and granite ware found on the property, the old wood stove, the original kitchen hutch from the late s, and the way laundry was done the good old fashioned way.

Have a picnic on the grounds, or sit on the porch and recall a much slower time or walk to the old General Store for lunch along the original path the train took to meet the stage to head up to Yosemite. Horse races were held in Raymond in the s after the train track was pulled up, and the museum has an actual video of the races through downtown.

Tools, ranch gear, mining gear, logging saws and many other types of working items are on display, all late s to the early s and all from the Raymond area. Traveling through Raymond was the only way to get to Yosemite from to , and all freight to camps and gold mines went through Raymond during the same time period so a visit to the Charles Miller House and the Raymond Museum will explain why “all roads lead to Raymond”. Located 16 miles from Coarsegold between Madera and Coarsegold on the stage route to Yosemite.

Follow the stage route from Raymond to Wawona and relive the earliest tourist days of Yosemite’s early days.

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The partially restored Santa Fe cattle car is set in place on the depot display track on January 17, The Friends of the , the local volunteer group responsible for the depot display, arranged for the City of Bartlesville to obtain the car under a year renewable lease with the OCHS. The goal is to restore the car as closely as possible its original appearance, according to Dan Droege of the Friends group. The project is expected to be completed by the end of year.

Rail Spike IPA Description & Information: Known for their incredible strength, railroad spikes were hammered deep into the ground in order to hold tracks together .

Tiny Digs’ new rental home on wheels, Arthur, is a perfect culmination of these novelties. This caboose style tiny house is decked out to delight railroad enthusiasts of all ages. And in fact, it was built in honor of co-owner Pam Westra’s grandfather, Arthur. He was a lifelong lover of trains, historical and model sized. Like each of the themed houses at Tiny Digs, the attention to detail of the Arthur, from the craftsmanship to decor, is astonishing.

Pam poured her heart into the interior design of this tiny space. He was born in in Saginaw, Michigan. Arthur loved the rails. He would hear the train whistles off in the distance and we’d jump in the car and race to the tracks. We’d sit in his old Ford and count the number of railcars that the engine was pulling. He was really big into the miniature railroads also. In the basement of his home was a total city and countryside setup with what seemed like miles of tracks to me as a young child.

The engines would puff smoke and disappear into the tunnels of the mountains in the distance way across the basement. If you have a love for the railroad or know someone who does, come spend a night in Arthur and bring a friend or two along since he sleeps four people.

A Quick Word on Railroad Spike Steel

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