Latest study reveals sharp rise in essay cheating globally, with millions of students involved

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The Egypt Centre, Swansea University Swansea University Egyptology lecturer Dr Ken Griffin has found a depiction of one of the most famous pharaoh’s in history Hatshepsut one of only a handful of female pharaohs on an object in the Egypt Centre stores, which had been chosen for an object handling session. The opportunity to handle genuine Egyptian artefacts is provided by the Egypt Centre to students studying Egyptology at Swansea University. During a recent handling session for an Egyptian Art and Architecture module Dr Kenneth Griffin, from the University’s Department of Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology, noticed that one of the objects chosen was much more interesting than initially thought.

Consisting of two irregularly shaped limestone fragments that have been glued together, the object had been kept in storage for over twenty years and was requested for the handling session based only on an old black and white photograph. The front side depicts the head of a figure whose face is unfortunately missing, with the remains of a fan directly behind.

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University chiefs are calling for so-called “essay mills” to be made illegal, amid fears they are undermining the integrity of degree courses. The services, which are illegal in some countries, provide custom essays for students to cheat with. As many as one in seven recent graduates may have cheated by using “essay mills” during the last four years, according to a recent study. Students who get caught face punishment by their university, including possible disqualification, although it is not illegal for a company to offer the service.

The BBC reports that more than 40 vice-chancellors have written to the education secretary calling for those who provide the services, rather than students who use them, to be targeted by new laws. Sam Gyimah said the services could be outlawed. Students work incredibly hard to get a place at university and those who choose to cheat risk throwing it all away, cheating their futures, for the sake of a shortcut. Often the work can be difficult to identify as the essays are tailored for individual subjects and appear original.

A study by Swansea University published in August reviewed questionnaires dating back to where students were asked if they had ever paid for someone else to complete their work.

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Researchers who closely monitor the crack cutting across this particular Antarctic ice shelf reported on Thursday that it continued to make rapid progress, expanding another six miles in just the past two weeks. An iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off Antarctica This means that a collapse may be imminent, at which point, one of the top 10 largest icebergs ever observed will break away into the turbulent seas off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Scientists affiliated with a group that has been tracking the ice melt in this area, known as Project MIDAS, say the iceberg could measure 5, square kilometers, or 1, square miles. The rift in the Larsen C Ice Shelf, including the 6-mile extension in the past two weeks. Larsen B Ice Shelf prior to the breakup in

Alexis Kirke, Senior Research Fellow in Computer Music at the University of Plymouth, discusses the general lack of understanding about quantum computers, and an .

Will more tickets be released? Can I buy or sell tickets? Unfortunately, all tickets for Swansea have sold out. The BBC’s website states that tickets may not be sold, traded, or offered for sale; and may not be used as a prize or for any other promotional or trade purpose by any organisation other than the BBC. The holder of the card used to buy MUST enter the event at the same time as all guests as their card will be needed to gain entry. The nearest railway station The nearest railway station to Singleton Park is Swansea High Street which is about two miles away.

There is a taxi rank is outside the station.

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Nature reserve[ edit ] View of Crymlyn Burrows salt marsh looking towards the River Neath estuary The undeveloped salt marsh area south of the Fabian Way and north Jersey Marine Beach is a designated biological Site of Special Scientific Interest and is one of the last remaining places of the Swansea Bay coastline that has remained unmodified by industrial development.

The area contains sand dunes , a salt marsh and carr woodland. The burrows also contain a rare orchid [2] – the Fen Orchid, Liparis loeselii. Modwen from BP in November and will be kept as a protected leisure destination.

Swansea Swap Shop The Corner Shop Bulky waste Holiday rubbish and recycling collections How to reduce, reuse and recycle your rubbish Recycling collections for flats Permits to use HWRCs Sammy Seagull’s School of Recycling Swansea Waste Action Team Parking Car parks.

Aerodynamics[ edit ] The College of Engineering at Swansea University has been heavily involved in the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle from the start. Professor Oubay Hassan, Professor Ken Morgan their team have used Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD [11] [12] to provide an understanding of the aerodynamic characteristics of the proposed shape, at all speeds, including predicting the likely vertical, lateral and drag forces on the vehicle and its pitch and yaw stability.

It was this involvement with the previous land speed record that prompted Richard Noble to approach Swansea in April for their help with this latest challenge. Swansea University’s School of the Environment and Society was also enlisted to help determine a new test site for the record as the test site for the ThrustSSC record attempt has become unsuitable. A third engine, a Jaguar supercharged V-8 , will be used as an auxiliary power unit and to drive the oxidizer pump for the rocket.

Publicly disclosed tests were conducted in [17] and [18] [19] including a run at Newquay Airport in GB. And although this demonstration was deemed a success at the time, it became clear that considerable sums of money and time would be needed to perfect the design. In order to accelerate the car to mph, the monopropellant rocket will produce around 40kN lbf of thrust and the EJ jet engine will make 90kN 20, lbf in reheat.

For the 1, mph runs, the Nammo hybrid rockets will provide a thrust of

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The new building will also be home to the DVLA sponsored Furnace, an event space for the tech community to use for workshops, meetups, conferences and hackathons. The ground floor will host a 2, sq ft TechHub Cafe, which will be open to the public, featuring fresh Welsh coffee and Mbp Ultrafast broadband Wifi. As a tech friendly cafe, customers will have charging points on the tables for their laptops and phones and are encouraged to work and meet in the new space.

Search on to find Wales’ brightest tech start-up firms and help them go global Help entrepreneurs build tech businesses TechHub Swansea was set up to help entrepreneurs build and scale their tech business across the globe, so that Wales can create more high growth companies. Some of the most successful startups to be incubated in TechHub include Veeqo, Skipper and Booking Factory, which have all raised funding and started generating revenue from global customers.

Research helps break ground to clean up land Date: January 22, Source: Swansea University Summary: Researchers have been exploring the intricate shapes that emerge when air is .

He met his wife, Ladene, while at Berkeley and they were married in Upon graduation, he attended dental school in San Francisco. It was at this time that Hudson got involved with Cal Rugby, first as a player, and then as their freshman coach. He went on to be the head coach of the Cal Golden Bears for 36 seasons, His record was unprecedented and remains unrivaled, with wins, 84 losses and 23 ties.

In addition to competing against domestic clubs and collegiate teams, Hudson led the bears to competed against some of the greatest international competition.

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Event-Related Potential Correlates of Emergent Inference in Human Arbitrary Relational Learning Two experiments investigated the functional—anatomical correlates of cognition supporting untrain In Experiment 1, after learning a series of conditional relations involving words and pseudowords, participants performed a relatedness task during which EEG was recorded.

Behavioural performance was faster and more accurate on untrained, indirectly related symmetry i.

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Most sore throat s, also known as pharyngitis, are caused by minor illnesses like a cold or flu and will go away with time, but there are few things you can try to speed up the process or ease the pain. Whatever the cause is, the first concern of most people is to ease the pain. It’s tempting to run to a doctor, but give some of these home remedies a go first. Having a sore throat can be a pain but there are some things you can do to help Image: Getty Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Here are a few tips and tricks to easing a sore throat when you’re next suffering.

What causes a sore throat?

Japanese knotweed cannot be cured, major study which tried 19 methods finds

The land was previously identified by the Council as KN and is shown on the accompanying plan. We consider that the Plan in its present form: Indeed, it does not address the level of housing need; and – given that its housing supply is not capable of meeting the housing requirement, it fails Test 3 as it will not deliver the required level of housing. In this regard, the subject site is a suitable, sustainable and deliverable proposition.

Watch video · One of the world’s biggest ever icebergs – about a quarter of the size of Wales or four times the size of London – has broken off from Antarctica, new satellite images have confirmed.

In an extraordinary career spanning six decades, Roy has maintained his belief in cybernetic theory and its continuing relevance to contemporary life. It also informed his revolutionary ‘Groundcourse’, an art foundation course that incorporated cybernetics, behaviourism and play. Roy has been at the vanguard of art using technology during his career, but this use of technology is not the defining feature of his practice.

Rather, it is his sustained interest in the field of human communication that led him to explore the potential of new technologies. Technology, Roy argues, is the product of desire; it is there to fulfil a human drive. In this conversation with Kate Sloan , Roy will discuss his early work in relation to the living, communicative and biological identity of early cybernetics, concentrating on his education and early years, pursuing the interrelationships between cybernetics, biology and sculptural form.

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Hotels in Swansea Hotels in Swansea A beautiful coastal city with a long, intriguing history, Swansea is one of the most popular destinations in Wales for shopping, culture and nightlife, and this vibrant place is a great destination for a fun break. Found in the picturesque county of Glamorgan, Swansea is Wales’ second-biggest city and a cultural shopping and entertainment hotspot of choice for anyone looking to experience a fun city in a beautiful setting.

You can switch between exploring the lively streets packed with shops, bars and restaurants, to the more scenic side of Swansea, wandering along the gorgeous sandy coastline and discovering the Gower Peninsula, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Swansea in style and on a budget. Your guide to Swansea nightlife, shopping, bar and restaurants without breaking the bank.

January The principal method for determining the age of historic buildings and wooden artefacts in the UK is dendrochronology tree-ring dating. Across Wales however, conventional dendrochronology often fails to yield a robust date owing to the presence of complacent ring width sequences or the use of short-lived or fast-growing timbers in construction. As a result, it is impossible to assign a precise calendar age to structures of high historic or cultural importance.

This project will aim to assess the suitability of a new precision dating technique developed by the Swansea team to provide calendar dates for houses, living trees and timbers sourced from across Wales. This will help to ascertain the geographic and practical limits of the stable oxygen isotope method for the dating of historic timbers. This project will provide important proof of concept for dating houses in this region and will also inform decision-making in the listing, management and preservation process.

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