Herodotus One theory claims that myths are distorted accounts of historical events. Apollo represents the sun, Poseidon represents water, and so on. Athena represents wise judgment, Aphrodite desire, and so on. He believed myths began as allegorical descriptions of nature and gradually came to be interpreted literally. For example, a poetic description of the sea as “raging” was eventually taken literally and the sea was then thought of as a raging god. Mythopoeic thought Some thinkers claimed that myths result from the personification of objects and forces. According to these thinkers, the ancients worshiped natural phenomena, such as fire and air, gradually deifying them. Myth and ritual According to the myth-ritual theory, myth is tied to ritual.

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Sisson. I’m 63 years young. I live and work in Malibu, California. In a past life I was a professional marathoner and triathlete.

England’s Tree of the Year Tree of the Year winner – the Gilwell Oak These ten trees were the finalists in England’s Tree of the Year , the annual search for the nation’s best loved tree. The winner was the Gilwell Oak. Read more about our shortlisted trees below Meavy Royal Oak, nr. Yelverton, Dartmoor Local legend has it that King Charles hid here. For close to 1, years it has weathered the seasons in the heart of Meavy and served villagers on both spiritual and practical levels.

It was used as a peat store by the local publican. But perhaps more inventively another landlady of the same pub — its namesake The Royal oak — created a snug, if not bijou dining experience for nine guests within its hollow. Other stories attached to this tree tell of dancing festivals and platforms erected on top of the clipped back crown to host a table for feasting. Take a closer look and part of the trunk has become so gnarled it resembles a human skull.

Estimated to be years old, this veteran has drawn generations of children to clamber and hide amongst its branches. A honey pot for bees too according to those who remember playing in it as children many summers ago. Two theories compete to explain its quirky shape and nine metre girth. Witch’s Broom Tree Photo:

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All the colors you see on your computer screen are made by mixing them in different intensities. Light which triggers this greenness response more than the yellowness or blueness of the other color opponent mechanism is called green. In some cases, one is missing or faulty, which can cause color blindness , including the common inability to distinguish red and yellow from green, known as deuteranopia or red—green color blindness.

Studies show that a green environment can reduce fatigue. On the HSV color wheel , also known as the RGB color wheel , the complement of green is magenta ; that is, a color corresponding to an equal mixture of red and blue light one of the purples. On a traditional color wheel, based on subtractive color, the complementary color to green is considered to be red.

1 INTRODUCTION. The Bible begins with the famous line “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”This sentence asserts an essential belief of Jewish and Christian faith, the belief that the deity of Jews and Christians is the creator of the world.

Flos, pl flores is Latin for flower. Virga is a “green twig”, “rod” or “broom”, as well as a convenient near-pun with Virgo or Virgin, which undoubtedly influenced the development of the image. Thus Jesus is the Virga Jesse or “stem of Jesse”. In the New Testament the lineage of Jesus is traced by two of the Gospel writers, Matthew in descending order, and Luke in ascending order.

Luke’s Gospel’s description in chapter 3 begins with Jesus himself and is traced all the way back, via Nathan to David and then on to ” Adam , which was [the son] of God. See Genealogy of Jesus for more explanation of the differences, but both lineages permit the interpretation that Jesus is the “stem of Jesse” by his descent from Jesse’s son, David.

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About Pamela Sosnowski 16 Articles Pam Sosnowski’s love of retro music and pop culture all started when she saw the Beatles cover band in concert in the early ’90s. It wasn’t long before her obsession with the Fabs led to an interest in all things s, probably because she never actually lived in the decade.

Today she is the author of Go Retro where she ruminates about the people, places, and things of the pop culture past and is also a freelance writer. The Beginning Charlie Great article, Pam! Nice addition to your Go Retro work.

T he year turned out to be somewhat of a rejuvenation after the comparatively weak offerings of Although Korean films did not win any major awards from top-ranked festivals in , as they had the previous year, the films themselves provided a much broader range of quality.

Korean 83, Imported Total admissions: They are listed in the order of their release. Feathers in the Wind Sometimes small-scale, informal projects can liberate a director. Without the pressure and weighty expectations involved in producing a major work, inspiration flows freely and the result is an even more accomplished piece of art. This may have been what happened with Git by Song Il-gon, the director of Flower Island , Spider Forest , and various award-winning short films including The Picnic Git was originally commissioned as a minute segment of the digital omnibus film 1.

Alas, the festival’s expectations were confounded, first in that only Lee Young-jae’s work really engaged environmental issues in a direct way the other two were merely set in rural areas , and second by the fact that Song went out and shot a minute film.

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Alan Kay on Predicting The Future. In some math and science courses they often teach you it’s better to change the problem. I think it’s much better to change the context in which the problem is being stated.

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My topic is autopsies. I would appreciate it if you might provide some information about this issue from a Jewish doctor’s point of view. From a medical perspective, autopsy predominantly serves the purpose of improving quality control in medicine. A physician has the opportunity of finding out whether his diagnosis was correct and whether treatment was appropriate. Additionally, legal authorities use autopsy to investigate cause of death and medical schools use cadaver dissection as a means of teaching anatomy to medical school students.

While the medical necessity for autopsy has decreased in the past decades, particularly with the advent of advanced medical imaging, the other two needs remain. Whether autopsy would be permitted according to Jewish law in a particular case would depend on several related questions, including how one views ownership of the human body, why desecration of a corpse is forbidden, what purpose burial serves, and for how long and for what reasons may burial be delayed.

While the topic is complicated, I will try to give you a general overview. There are several biblical principles that circumscribe the scope of autopsy. Respecting the integrity of the body It is generally forbidden to desecrate a dead body in any way. This prohibition is called nivel ha’met desecration of the dead and it is learned from the biblical passage that instructs us how to handle the body of an executed criminal.

At first glance it may appear that the disgrace is because he is a criminal who has lowered himself to the point of requiring execution. We respect the human body because man was created in the image of God.

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Okay, more like a divine, sonic Holy Hand Grenade , but the point is, the walls of Jericho crumbled from practically no impact at all — the Israelites didn’t even toss a pebble at it. Clearly the word “impenetrable” was grossly misapplied. The backfire there is essentially intentional.

Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof.

About Pamela Sosnowski 15 Articles Pam Sosnowski’s love of retro music and pop culture all started when she saw the Beatles cover band in concert in the early ’90s. It wasn’t long before her obsession with the Fabs led to an interest in all things s, probably because she never actually lived in the decade. Today she is the author of Go Retro where she ruminates about the people, places, and things of the pop culture past and is also a freelance writer.

The Beginning Charlie Great article, Pam! Nice addition to your Go Retro work. Looking forward to more of your humorous and insight. Therese Bohn Bravo Pam! Congrats on your new venture, adding it with Go Retro makes the nostalgia all the sweeter! Drue Comparing ears and nose. You only need a high school health class to read that both ears and noses are made of cartilage, and that it grows continuously throughout your life.

Peoples ears and nosed are almost always noticeably larger and lower in old age.

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Before the scientific era, people often made up imaginative stories to explain what they saw in the world. The scientific method changed that by requiring rigorous experimentation to test hypotheses and determine what is real. With the Theory of Evolution, people are back to making up imaginative stories. The primary advantage of complete metamorphosis is eliminating competition between the young and old. Larval insects and adult insects occupy very different ecological niches.

Mahapadma Nanda became King of Magadha and created what looks like the first “Empire” in Northern India. While Indian history begins with some confidence with the Mauyras, the Nandas are now emerging into the light of history with a little more distinctness.

A purebred Arabian horse. A pedigreed animal is one that has its ancestry recorded. Often this is tracked by a major registry. The number of generations required varies from breed to breed, but all pedigreed animals have papers from the registering body that attest to their ancestry. This comes from a visual analogy between the trace of the bird’s foot and the three lines used in the English official registers to show the ramifications of a genealogical tree.

Not all purebred animals have their lineage in written form. For example, until the 20th century, the Bedouin people of the Arabian peninsula only recorded the ancestry of their Arabian horses via an oral tradition , supported by the swearing of religiously based oaths as to the asil or “pure” breeding of the animal. Conversely, some animals may have a recorded pedigree or even a registry, but not be considered “purebred”. Today the modern Anglo-Arabian horse, a cross of Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines, is considered such a case.

Purebreds by animal[ edit ] Main article:

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Excellent question with several answers. The “correct answer” depends upon who you ask: Period and place also matter. In the most general terms, vegetable is the broader term, encompassing all edible plant matter. Fruit is a subset of this larger group. In practice, definitions fall in two camps:

The Savage Young Beatles and Paul’s coffin? Circa (Photo ©Apple Corps./Peter Kaye.) Attention! This is a REBEAT magazine Special Report Paul McCartney is DEAD!That’s right, Paul McCartney is DEAD!

How did Peral Music come about? I came up with the idea because I have had the good fortune to record for 60 years and always with major companies. Why should young people buy records, if they get no initiation into it? The child has no contact with music. He goes to Kindergarten, again he has no contact with music. He still has had no initiation into music.

He has no contact with it.

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