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Organised crime syndicates are preying on middle-aged users of dating websites in Germany, the UK and France by running simple scams, an adviser to Europol tells Newsweek. Fraudsters in Southern and Eastern European countries set up ghost accounts, often claiming to be soldiers on tour or nurses working in remote locations, giving an excuse for not being in regular contact with their victims, who they meet on dating sites. The owners of the fake profiles then hit a tragedy, a family bereavement or medical emergency, and ask victims to send money through hard-to-trace methods like money transfer services. Professor Alan Woodward, a cyber crime adviser to EU law enforcement agency Europol, says gangs are attracted to the business by the high incomes and relatively low risk. According to Woodward, these gangs produce so-called “sucker lists” with details of victims who have previously fallen for internet romance scams, which are then sold on to other criminals for a profit. Europol’s chief financial officer, Igor Angelini, says dating fraud is becoming an increasingly international problem.

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Close A woman walks by a shop window displaying wedding gowns in Kiev, Ukraine. After the annexation of Crimea, pro-Russian forces are stirring tension in this Black Sea port, and there are weekly standoffs between demonstrators who want to be part of Ukraine and those who want closer ties to Russia. But for all the political and economic chaos that has engulfed Ukraine in the past three months, one industry is still thriving: The economies of several Ukrainian cities are boosted by the surreal and disingenuous online bride business, and Odessa is the biggest hub.

It does not take long for a visitor to the city to stumble upon an “international date” — there are legions of western men in town meeting with young women they have met online, usually with the conversation facilitated by a translator.

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Edit The reaction from prank-calling community to the harassment of the scammers has been universally positive, with the consensus being that they deserve every prank call they receive. Fans with no previous prank-calling experience have reportedly downloaded Skype just to join the ranks of callers, getting in on the action, and helping to take the scammers down.

Whilst there is obviously no criticism of the calls in terms of the scammers’ ‘deserving’ status as prank-call victims, there has been some criticism for their lack of interesting responses during calls. Many of them have a poor command of the English language and often repeat monotonous phrases in response to almost any soundboard. Most of the entertainment value of the calls derives from the clear difficulties the continuous pranks are causing them. Reactions from Online PC Edit The Indian Scammers have repeatedly lost their nerve during the endless barrage of calls, and their general phone demeanor has seen a marked deterioration over time.

There are noticeable differences between the original calls featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hank Hill and those made recently. The scammers have become increasingly angry and agitated, often answering the phone in such a manner before the soundboard has even had the chance to respond. They have also sounded depressed and tired on numerous occasions.

Incredibly, the scammers have made hundreds of legal threats during the calls to the pranksters, in an unsuccessful attempt to deter them. These have ranged from sending recordings of the prank calls to American police , to hiring a cyber-crime investigator.

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However, from time to time, scammers may get past our net. To avoid problems we urge you to be vigilant. Remember, developing a relationship with a woman from another country can be exciting and fulfilling. Using an international dating site like RoseBrides. We strive to provide a quality experience, which includes helping you avoid scammers who operate online.

Police in Hong Kong and Malaysia have smashed an online dating scam gang suspected of cheating victims out of about HK$30 million (US$ million). The victims included 48 Hong Kong women aged from 28 to 58 and a year-old retired local man, Oriental Daily reported.

ScumAlert I am a ‘scambaiter’, and as a hobby, and public service, seek out internet scammers to ‘play’ with, and gather information to publish. Never accept pictures, or phone calls as proof you are in contact with the person in pictures somebody shows you, or sends you. Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone.

The emails posted here are for scammers. Thursday, December 29, Chineselovelinks. What I’ve found confirmed what I knew, that paid sites are not much, if at all, safer than free dating sites, but we have been a little alarmed at the sophistication of some of the scammers we have found at Chineselovelinks.

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Contact Author You answer an ad in a personal posted at Craigslist. She responds back asking that you sign up at a website to see her profile. Online dating scams using fake personal ads are all over the place in the world of Online Dating. There is good money in praying on innocent, lonely individuals. There are many ways it’s done and it becomes such a downer when trying to find a date online and never knowing if the person who’s personal you just read and enjoyed belongs to a real person, or to some low life affiliate marketer just trying to get you to sign up for something using a fake personal ad.

As a woman, when I was doing online dating, I never encountered one of these marketing tactics using fake personal ads, or responding trying to get me to sign up for something.

Online Dating Scams Looking for Love in All the Online Places May Land You a Scam Instead of a Love! If you are active on online dating websites, or via classifieds, chat rooms and forums, beware.

Western Union, Moneygram and similar businesses allow you to send money quickly. Their services are useful for transmitting funds to friends, relatives and others you know well. But con artists frequently try to take advantage of victims by convincing them to wire money to a stranger, often someone in a foreign country. The initial hook can take many forms.

In every case, the scam ends the same way — you are asked to wire money. The most important thing for consumers to remember is this: Never wire money to someone you haven’t known for a long time.

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The year may be winding down, but not the ploys that have proved most successful for scammers. Here are the top fraud trends—and what to watch out for in Phone Cheats Fraudsters let their fingers do the stalking, especially when targeting older Americans. Crooks will call you, claiming to be tech-support workers who are hunting viruses, utility company bill collectors or even your own grandchildren calling for help from a Mexican jail. In other variations, con artists make pitches for credit cards, extended warranties, and phony sweepstakes and lotteries.

An advance-fee scam is a form of fraud and one of the most common types of confidence trick. The scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the fraudster requires in order to obtain the large sum.

Important Info The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment, nor will the IRS call about taxes you owe without first mailing you a bill If you have to pay money to claim a free government grant, it isn’t really free. It’s illegal to ask you to pay or buy something to enter or increase your odds of winning. Free or low cost vacations can end up blowing a large hole in your pocket! Some of these vacations never take place, even after you’ve paid.

Some companies use free trials to sign you up for products which can cost you lots of money because they bill you every month until you cancel. If you receive a call or message asking for a donation to a charity, take a deep breath and do your research. If you get short one or two rings missed call, don’t call back. You could end up paying premium rate per minute if you indeed make the call. A caller may be a fake debt collector if he is seeking payment on a debt for a loan you do not recognize If you get a call with a recorded sales message and you haven’t given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal.

Avoid telephone scammers targeting senior citizens in an attempt to obtain their credit card Don’t share your credit card, bank account or Social Security numbers, or any other personal information with telemarketers who call you out of the blue Companies behind interest reduction robocalls can’t do anything for you that you can’t do for yourself for free. The IRS won’t threaten to arrest or sue you, or demand that you pay right away. Most Popular – Recent Posts.

Scams to Watch For in 2017

Scammers are increasingly creating fake profiles on social media and dating websites, pretending to be Soldiers. Army Criminal Investigation Command are once again warning the American public, as well as citizens from other nations, to be extra vigilant and not to fall prey to Internet scams or impersonation fraud — especially scams that promise true love, but only end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.

CID continues to receive hundreds of reports of various scams involving persons pretending to be U.

continues to redefine the way single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love, proving time and again that you can make love happen through online dating and that lasting relationships are possible.

France Austria The biggest surprise here is Nigeria. However, variants of this scam have been in existence even before email was widely used. When people are made an offer which sounds too good to be true, most people do not bother to verify if the information is correct, most of them will blindly believe in the offer, ignoring the tell-tale signs that the offer is a scam.

Most people only meet other people of similar background in the course of their daily routine activities, and the chances of being scammed offline are relatively low. They will take the statements of the scammer at face value. Most of the Nigerian scammers are experts in understanding human psychology, the lure of easy money, and how few people are able to resist the temptation. They are mostly unemployed people with limited opportunities available to utilize their time productively.

Though many scammers are based in Nigeria, variants of this scam are found in all countries. Typically emails are sent to thousands or millions of email ids depending on the email list available with the Nigerian scammer.

European divorcees lose millions to online dating scams

By Keith 10 church scam tricks and 5 golden rules to prevent your trust and compassion from being abused: Internet Scambusters Church scam tricks exploit trust and cost their victims millions of dollars every year, so much so that one state has named one variety of this type of crime its number one scam.

In this issue, we highlight the 10 most common types of religious scams and give you our five golden rules for avoiding them.

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By Keith 9 new scams in the news: So, we decided to try something new and get your feedback. In many cases, they are new variations of long-running scams. Some of them are ingenious. By knowing about these tricks you can help protect yourself and others from falling victims to the scammers. That way, subscribers who appreciate ScamLines can stay up-to-date without making our regular ScamBusters issues too long. So, after you check out this issue, please spend 15 seconds and give us your feedback.

If your credit card debt is still on the rise then you need to take these action items now.

The men who go to Ukraine looking for a wife then fly home alone and broke

This blog is connected to the free, safe, Asian dating site, AsianLonelyHearts. We want to help you avoid scammers, and ‘bad’ dating sites. There is a serious problem with internet romance scams coming from China, primarily conducted by West African scammers, living in China. They set up profiles of ‘Asian’ ladies, typically between the ages of 25, and 35, single, attractive.

Dec 29,  · It’s unusual that I have the chance to ‘scambait’ on a paid dating site, but thanks to a member of the forum at , I’ve had a chance to use a paid membership at Chineselovelinks for the last few weeks.

From the web How this scam works The scammer will contact you out of the blue by email, letter, text message or through social media. Or they may tell you about a large inheritance that is ‘difficult to access’ because of government restrictions or taxes in their country. The scammer will then offer you a large sum of money to help them transfer their personal fortune out of the country.

Scammers may ask for your bank account details to ‘help them transfer the money’ and use this information to later steal your funds. Or they may ask you to pay fees, charges or taxes to ‘help release or transfer the money out of the country’ through your bank. These fees may even start out as quite small amounts. If paid, the scammer may make up new fees that require payment before you can receive your reward.

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